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For companies looking for new opportunities
in the cosmetics industry

Bonne Co.,Ltd. can provide you with comprehensive support for
all matters related to the cosmetic industry in Japan, from the launch
of a new concept to carrying out checks based on the
Pharmaceutical Affairs Law. Our operations are primarily aimed
at companies looking to provide their customers with new products
or aiming to expand their existing customer base.

For companies with their own concepts, but lacking
manufacturing facilities

Bonne Co.,Ltd. can provide companies that have their own concept
and planning ability, but no production background, with comprehensive
support in terms of thchnical and production capability
in assisting you to realize your vision.

For companies with manufacturing facilities,
but looking to expand operations

Allow Bonne Co.,Ltd. to provide you with new and exciting products
that take advantage of the latest technology and new base ingredients.
Feel free to contact us. whatever your need.