What we Do

As a global beauty platform manager, Bonne is committed to achieving the highest standard of service and meeting needs of international business through
competitive pricing, quality, and innovative service. By leveraging its efficient network, market knowledge, and advanced technology, and information systems,
Bonne has the capacity and flexibility to respond rapidly to evolving consumer trends.

  • Touch in sol is sensual star makeup
    that helps you accomplish trendy
    and chic, Kpop star like makeup
  • Medisol is clinical concepted
    skincare brand for your topical
    and more effective skincare
  • Natural secret is phyto based personal
    care brand that provide you gentle and
    advanced skin and body care with
    premium plant origin ingredients
  • Color Bucket is Color “play”
    cosmetics brand which is developed
    for fun and vivid makeup to
    brighten-up your day